Our commitement:

Your success is mutual

We understand that there are so many competitors and it’s a dog eat dog world out there.
We have seen many new brokerage, undertakers, ossuaries, charnel house and others come into the market.
Survival of the fittest and not the laws of jungle in the 21st century.

Your business success is our success

Funeral industry is moving into a death march era.
Who will survive? Not the strongest but the one who can adapt to its environment.

There are many undertakers and researchers that are struggling to understand the market.
Yano Keizai, a think tank in Tokyo posted numbers few years ago saying that it’s a blooming market.

The numbers were growing due to death increase but with COVID, everything dropped and the hell broke loose.
Don’t just realy on think tanks, that knows little about reality. Ask the person in front line of the instinct.

There are many landmines all around the industry.
ENDEX exhibition is now run by a crematorium and not an organizer. This means there will be a lot of bias in the decision making.

We commit to helping out the SMB funeral parlors without resources to bring success in marketing their business.


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