What we specialize

What we specialize in:

To our clients

Y.E.Y. inc. is a funeral industry system integrator that was established in September 2000.
The average years which Japanese companies last (liquidate) is now 23 years. We have been striving to give our customers the best (affordable) solution of integrating various technologies.

Signage, including large format printing has been around many years. We propose mash up equipment for our customers to purchase at an affordable price, not costing an arm and a leg.
Most integrators are manufacture oriented, meaning that they cannot bring other products out of their contracted manufactures.

Why us?

Y.E.Y. is an independent system integrator that has no affliations with any system vendords. We take care of our customer needs first and negotiate on behalf of our customer.

We are here to leverage your business through marketing the hardest business known as the “death industry”.


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