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updated Feb. 1, 2023
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Welcome to Y.E.Y. inc.,

Y.E.Y. is pronounced as read, YEY!
YEY (IEI) also means the portrait used for funerals.

The company was founded in September 2000, spun off from Wada Funeral Company to maintain funeral IT infrastructure and provide signage and other digital imagery systems.

Brief History:

President of Y.E.Y. inc., Yuusuke Wada (please review LI page for details) has been working for family business as an undertaker as well as an engineer designing laser printers and copiers for Japanese manufacturing company and later worked for LA based company porting Adobe Postscript® to copiers and printers to many manufactures in Japan.
When starting Y.E.Y. inc., internet was still slow and ADSL just became available in Japan. Until then, the internet speed was still mostly 64Kbps in regular households and also in the company leased lines.

Companies outsourced servers since there were not many people knowledgeable of Linux and Windows Servers.
Y.E.Y. served as providers for the internet to companies as well as maintain their infrastructures.
This was still the era of people having e-mail address of @aol.com, @gol.com and such.

Now, Y.E.Y. specializes in installing new digital signage systems for funerals and other events, as well as consult for funerals (both individuals and companies).
We also provide business consultation on Japanese funeral market and industry both in English and Japanese.

Y.E.Y. also provides “Individual Psychology” consultation, A.K.A., Animal Fortune Telling which is psychology based on birthday science.
Animal Fortune Telling is an “image psychology” based on “Four Pillars of Destiny Science”, a birthday science, using probability and statistics created by the ancient Chinese and was simplified by Mr. Masahiro Tsurumoto on April 29th, 1997 using Animals for easier understandings. This is the 21st year of the birth of this “individualism” of human characteristics.

Yuusuke Wada, is a licensed instructor and a counsellor, also the Bureau Chief of Genesis Bureau.
The character is Number 27 Dramatic Pegasus.

Y.E.Y.  holds lectures around Japan on “Reform of Death” and “The Designer of the Journey” (to death) using this “Individual Psychology” leading to “Happy Ending”.

写真提供: 個性心理學アカデミー学術大会 学術大会事務局 より

For inquiries, please view the contact page: http://www.yey.co.jp/contact/ or
from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YEYShonan/

On Animal Fortune Telling, you can purchase books from us in English (2000 yen/book) excluding tax and postage/handling.
Please understand that tax is now 10% and Postage went up as well accordingly.
If you order more than 5 books, postage will be free within Japan.

jFuneral.com a division of Y.E.Y. inc.,  holds seminars (webinars) for the Japanese funeral industry in funeral business marketing techniques.  Without saying, funeral business marketing is the hardest business to market in the world. In matter of fact, harder than selling guns and ammos and narcotics, but someone has to do the job.

As, Yuusuke Wada being a president and a funeral director, we teach insights and business know-hows to not only the novice but to the experts, since all funerals are different and there are many different rituals in the community.

All of these are some of the “pillars” that holds Y.E.Y.
Y.E.Y. also consult for overseas companies in science and technology.
If you are interested, please send us a message via CONTACT page or LINE official account @jfuneral, both able to send from the link below.