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Yuusuke Wada

Born into 5th generation undertaker family in Japan.
Also, the President of Y.E.Y. inc.


This page is for the both Japanese and non-Japanese business who are thinking of entering the Japanese funeral industry.

There are many ideas and fields which many have not yet discovered.

Funeral is not only a 2 day ritual but of many generations. Please contact me via FB, LINE, LinkedIn.

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火葬場が消える (disappearing crematorium)
ワン・ニャンのエンバーミング (embalming pets)
喪主の苦労 (what it’s like to be the head of mourning family)
ゴードン・ムーア氏亡くなった (death of Gordon Moore)
企業理念からマーケティング (Start with WHY)
警視庁のご遺体取り間違え (Error in the police with corpse)
アルカリ加水分解はエコ? (Is aqua cremation economical?)
やはりニセ映像が拡散されていた (False video gone viral)
I asked chatGPT “Why do we have funerals?”
Myth of all funerals are Buddhist rituals
Death in Japan, The laws in Japan are from 1899

Yuusuke Wada

President of Y.E.Y. inc.
Y.E.Y. is a system integrating business specializing in the death industry.
Also vice-chairman of the only academic society that research in funeral culture in Japan called Nihon Soso Bunka Gakkai (日本葬送文化学会).
Member of FCCJ since 2005, ACCJ since 2023.
Graduated form Boston University with BS in Electrical Engineering.
Past jobs include engineer in Minolta, engineering sales in Peerless Systems, also funeral director and funeral parlor owner and executive.
Funeral Business Consultant for non-Japanese companies seeking business in Japan fluent in Japanese and English.